Validating to be processes

24-Jan-2018 18:28

These paths are modeled by sequence diagram and collaborative processes are validated according to the corresponding requirements using Savara tool.

When you intend to prospectively validate a process; an experimental plan called the validation process protocol is executed (following completion of all equipment, utility and facility c GMP qualification) before the process is put into commercial use.

If changing the value of a model parameter, say bolt pretension, has a big impact on the results, and this parameter cannot be controlled well in practice, validation may be very difficult to achieve.

In this case, a more sophisticated, stochastic, approach will be required, where validation must be considered in an “average” sense.

A perfect example of this comes to mind, again from my early days in engineering.

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At each level of the business process, there are specific Stakeholders that should participate by building and running LISA test cases that validate component level, service level or business process level behaviors.

Then, requirements are extracted with a goal modeling technique.

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