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30-Jun-2017 03:02

The couple will undoubtedly feel that the Sikh community has ex-communicated them. Who wants to be associated with a bunch of narrow-minded bigots?

This is discrimination against non-Sikhs and unadulterated bigotry.

Plus, most British Sikhs who currently get married in Gurdwaras cut their hair straight after the ceremony and celebrate by drinking alcohol. The unsaid truth is that groups such as the Sikh Council UK and many Gurdwaras across the UK are pushing these strict, literalist guidelines not because Sikhism is being destroyed.

They are doing it because they’re unwilling to challenge these hardliners.

This is a recipe for turning Sikhism from a global inclusive religion into a narrow cult.

There are ways for individuals to “learn more about the Sikh religion and understand the basic tenets” which do not require them to first take part in the Anand Karaj.

Why not embrace non-Sikhs, as we do when they enter a Gurdwara for langar?

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Two years ago a group of 40 such hardliners (it may not be the same group) stopped the wedding of a Sikh woman and her (Christian) husband in Swindon and even posted a video of the incident to You Tube as a warning to others.Learning first and accepting would be a more pragmatic approach; what if you did not like what you learnt?