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Good-looking in his youth, with dark Welsh curls, his success with women was famous.

He claimed, in his heyday, to be in the habit of going through Queen Charlotte’s Balls “like a dose of salts”. I know what I want and so do they.” Stories of Llewellyn’s priapic exploits, mostly gleefully retailed by the Don Juan himself, proved irresistible to the tabloid press.

After Aix, Llewellyn got a salesman’s job with Qantas, ran a travel agency in Cardiff and moved for a while into advertising.

Then, in the late 1960s, he was invited to lunch by Victor Lownes, who ran the Playboy Club and had recently bought the Clermont casino from John Aspinall and wanted Llewellyn’s advice.

Their father, Sir Harry Llewellyn, 3rd Bt, would win a gold medal for showjumping at the 1952 Olympics on his horse Foxhunter.

A second son, he had already been knighted for services to sport when he inherited the baronetcy from his elder brother, Rhys, in 1978.

He once described himself as a “a kind of upper-class redcoat” who “earned his living out of being Dai Llewellyn”.

In practice this seemed to involve a bit of PR work, organising the odd celebrity party, and a lot of schmoozing of rich toffs in jet-set nightclubs such as Tramp and Annabel’s.

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There he lost his virginity to an older, American woman “who smelt so disgusting that it put me off doing it again for several months”.

In the 1970s he was engaged to Beatrice Welles, daughter of Orson, but their relationship became so tempestuous that people stopped inviting them to parties. In 1980 he married Vanessa Hubbard, the convent-educated niece of the Duke of Norfolk.