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Both technologies can incorporate a molten salt heat storage system, which makes it possible to continue operating in the absence of solar radiation (at night or during cloudy weather).

Thanks to this storage capacity, a clean source of energy such as solar energy can become manageable, and capable of responding to the grid’s demand.

pieces of equipment and systems successfully supplied to satellites and space vehicles for NASA, ESA, JAXA and Roscosmos.

Institutes and companies such as CNES, Airbus Space & Defense, Thales Space, OHB, RUAG, SELEX and CSIC also number among its clients.which, in turn have two key instruments: on the one hand, the Flexible Combined Imager (FCI) and, on the other hand, the Infra Red Sounder (IRS), each one integrated into its respective platform and the main purpose of which is to carry out complementary observation tasks.

SENER's history in solar power goes back to the 1980s, giving it a considerable technological advantage over its competitors.

Soluz Guzmán is a thermosolar power generation plant of 50 MW.

The technology of the plant is parabolic through collectors, SENERtrough®, patented by SENER. [ ] Parabolic trough plant Orellana, Badajoz, Spain.

Parabolic trough plant Orellana is a power generation plant of 50 MW. [ ] La Africana is a power generation plant of 50 MW located in Posadas, Córdoba, Spain.

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The technology of the plant is SENERtrough® parabolic through collectors, patented by SENER. The technology of the plant is parabolic through collectors. SENER is responsible for the solar field collectors engineering, su...These plants are located in the municipality of Alvarado (Badajoz) and La Garrovilla (Badajoz), respectively. [ ] Parabolic trough plant Aste 1A & 1B, Alcázar de San Juan, Ciudad Real, Spain.