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01-Aug-2017 15:07

It’s an elaboration of the simple pay per view arrangement and again, most streaming platform services can set this up.As with other ways of making money from live streaming, paywall methods have advantages and drawbacks.Pay per view is the simplest paywall setup, requiring payment on a “per view” basis: the viewer pays a fee and can then watch the broadcast for a period of time.A slightly more sophisticated approach is to take subscriptions. A monthly or other periodic fee allows the viewer to watch any number of videos or broadcasts during that month.

On the plus side, it requires less in the way of commitment from a viewer.

You won’t have as many viewers if you charge as you will by offering the broadcast free, all else being equal.

For that reason, pay per view and subscription work best for broadcasts with a dedicated audience that are willing to pay.

Let’s explore each of them in relation to live broadcasting specifically.

The most straightforward way to make money from live streaming is to charge people to watch it.

With less than a million projected viewers, it’s unlikely that a broadcaster will be able to sell ads at all with many of the available networks.

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