Relationships and dating on facebook

20-Jul-2017 08:05

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Such discrepancies can cause distress and conflict that leads to dissatisfaction, and even break-up.

2) Facebook can be a source of jealousy and anxiety: All the information contained on Facebook can create a sense of jealousy, suspicion, and uncertainty for coupled users.

The increasing popularity of social networking websites such as Facebook has affected how we interact with one another, and that includes how we communicate with our romantic partners.

Initiating the courting process has gone from bravely asking a person out to dinner on their doorstep to simply instant messaging the person or even liking their profile picture.

One study found that when people displayed their relationship status as “in a relationship” and posted disclosing statuses and pictures of themselves with their partners, they reported higher satisfaction.

Facebook creates a negative feedback loop in which potential jealousy-provoking information leads to more partner surveillance on Facebook, which, in turn, increases the chance of experiencing more Facebook-related jealousy.

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