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I’m finally throwing away my cigar and turning my mind to fucking her. I want her to know she can be like this with me in real life. Giving her permission to bring out this side of her.

Continuing on the theme of her being the wild uninhibited ball of steamy sexual energy. Tell the girl what you like about her, what turns you on. Girls put themselves deep into the story so feed that. At several points in the story I hammer home her obsession with my dick.

Now imagine you’re stuck in that chat as well, powerless to so much as toggle into a different window.

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But it’s enough to hook most critics, who are giving the movie surprisingly strong reviews.

(Most movies of its kind don’t screen in advance, but Universal must have guessed that they’d get at least a small groundswell of critical support, and they were right.) But even if it’s more interesting than it is good, “Unfriended” grabs a hold of some powerful cultural currents and taps into something a lot more frightening than the ghost of one dead girl.

Andrew Lapin, NPR “Unfriended,” which was originally titled “Cybernatural,” isn’t the first film to take place entirely over the Internet.

As a favour to my dear readers I’ll go into detail on how to set up a good sex chat. Girls know I care about good whiskey and Cuban cigars. What she’s doing in the story sets the frame for how she will act, which part of her character will come out. Ease her into that qualifying frame where you have the value and to have sex. And girls get a spike from hearing about hard dicks. Don’t lose track of the little environmental details that make the story feel real.

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Remember that birds don’t think like us and get turned on by different things. How do you want her to feel, how do you want to move things along…. Give her little images that bind her to you specifically, imagining how are not just a random male. It all builds that little world to suck her in and feel right there, next to you. How would this story go differently if I’d said “You have your head buried in a book, something long-winded from Tolstoy”?

Some previous tech horror, including the Elijah Wood-starring “Open Windows,” already popped that bubble.