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Feel free to bookmark Chat Hour and forward our site to your friends.Currently, you are looking at our chatters from Myanmar. Most farmers grab data on their scratch cards in 1,000 or 3,000 or 5,000 Kyat chunks. The lead farmer mentions Facebook and the others fall in. They sell for about 0 and pump roughly fifty liters of water per minute. But the residual effect of that instability is a lack of incumbency and traditional infrastructure. If you buy in bulk (although almost nobody does) you can get 2GB of data for 11,900 Myanmar Kyat or about .20 USD. He says he uses his smartphone mainly for phone calls, which are still simpler and faster than texting. And Proximity’s solar pumps — launched just last October after years of research and development as part of a joint project with students at the Stanford — are not only beautifully engineered and designed, they’re among the most affordable in the world. The instability significantly increases risk for outside investors and companies. In ethnographic-design research everyone gets a code name. logo and sits with us on stools in the middle of the shop. All features on Connecting Singles are without charges, fees, credits, coupons or surprises.

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They have a vast country-wide network of field staff that are often working one-on-one with farmers or villages, helping them implement the products they’ve developed, all the while sending a constant stream of feedback to the home office in Yangon. The election looms and he loves the political updates. Everyone is data sensitive he says and reiterates: Facebook.

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Everyone buys top-up from top-up shops, scratches off complex serial numbers printed in a small font, types them with special network codes into their phone dialers in a way that feels steampunkish, like they’re divining data. Their mantra is to be in the field, get close to the people for whom they are designing, use ethnography to locate “unmet needs,” and iterate through product tests quickly. He brushes his hand aside and says it’s too data hungry.

Proximity is unique (and lauded) because they approach their impact work with a “design thinking” mindset. And so there is no incumbent electric giant monopolizing rural areas to fight against solar, there is no incumbent bank which will lobby against bitcoin, there are no expectations about how a computer should work, how a digital book should feel. And so there is a wild and distinct freedom to the feeling of working in places like this. You have seen and lived within a future, and believe—must believe—you can help bring some better version of it to light here. A chance to get things right in a way that we couldn’t or can’t now in our incumbent-laden latticeworks back home. Note: To use our free burma chat room you need no registration or any kind of painful signups, our chat rooms around the world are free to use with no limits.