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However, they later realised that they could not wait and they went to Billy's bedroom.A Grundy Television spokesperson commented "When it comes to the crunch Billy can't go through with it.Speaking of his decision to leave, Spencer said "I'd been in Neighbours for five years and I'd had enough.The storylines were boring and I wasn't enjoying it any more.Billy soon makes friends with Toadfish Rebecchi (Ryan Moloney) and Hannah Martin (Rebecca Ritters) and meets his first girlfriend, Melissa Drenth.Billy breaks up with Melissa when she reveals her homophobia towards his teacher, who was trying to help him after he was diagnosed with dyslexia.Instead, he got a costume and asked a friend to film him on Malibu Beach, where he pretended Billy was on holiday, and sent it to the producers.Billy arrives in Ramsay Street with his family after his father, Karl, buys Number 28 at an auction.

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This makes Anne proud and they begin to repair their friendship, but when Anne tells Billy that she would go out with David "Fanto" Hodges (Daniel Dinnen) if he asked, Billy decides to get her out of his system.Billy and Toadie become best friends and create a pirate radio station together.