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Fredericks specializes in what is called headlight spread pattern analysis.

He believes cars can be identified partly by their headlight beams.

He has to be fine -- he has to be.”Tom’s mother, Marie, and father, Tom Sr., were proud of their son who had a doctorate in physical therapy.“He just had a kindness about him,” Marie Kolman said.

“He was always there for everyone.” “You’re raising somebody and you have hopes and they fulfill those hopes and they become successful it’s great,” said Tom Kolman Sr.

He quickly changed his mind when he found out that while he was being questioned, police were searching his office and home.“When I left, that I went home -- you know, and found my place destroyed …

that’s when it really kinda like came into me that, ‘Oh, my God.

“So we can’t really say whether or not those features exist.”But Fredericks did notice something he thought might be unique to the car on the surveillance tape: an unusual pool of light on the road coming from one of the headlights.“In most cases you’ll see two uniform headlight patterns from most vehicles -- this was different,” he explained.On November 29, 2011, Detective Michael Thomas answered the call when 44-year-old Tom Kolman was found dead in his car. this individual, the way he was positioned in the car and where he was parked, it was unusual,” Det. “If you’re gonna work out in the morning, you’re gonna park close to the building.”“I think we were intrigued, interested,” Lt. “This whole case was odd.”In Colorado, 1,800 miles away, Tom’s ex-wife, Michele Kolman-Weber, couldn’t believe that Tom, who seemed healthy, had died. “Never crossed my mind that it could be anything other than something tragic, health related.”Michele and Tom had been divorced for 12 years, but they remained close.