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12-Nov-2017 05:58

You've carefully followed all the instructions in your network router's setup guide, but for whatever reason your connections aren't working as they should.

Perhaps everything functioned before and just started failing suddenly, or maybe you've spent days or weeks trying to get through the initial installation.

Use these troubleshooting guidelines to isolate and solve network problems related to your router: Keep in mind there may be more than one issue involved.

Seemingly the most common cause of wireless network setup issues, incompatibility in settings between two Wi-Fi devices (such as the router and a PC) will prevent them from being able to make a network connection.

Below is a script based on the directions on that page.

You can copy and paste the code to run it, as long as you run this line first: Yes, that opens up a “root terminal” in which you can do all kinds of nasty things to your computer. If you’re using a web hosting provider, this is a good way to reach your transfer cap.

But I didn’t find out about that option until I went to write this article. Seriously, I could have cut an hour out of this nonsense. If you only have the option to set up your own web or tftp server, setting up a tftp server is a lot less intensive on resources, from download to disk space to CPU and memory usage.In this case it’s only used so you don’t have to append sudo to every line, and the code will automatically exit you out of that root terminal and back into your own, safer terminal. Yeah, it takes 1,458 downloads of this file to reach 1GB.

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