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If you say you need some space or time to yourself, she'll respect it."We're used to being on our own and aren't afraid of it," says single mom Dina Strada.If you've won the love of a single mom, you've hit the relationship jackpot.Few love as selflessly and fiercely as a woman who's raised her kiddos on her own (or mostly on her own). We recently asked a handful of divorced moms to give their best elevator pitch for dating single mamas. Any single mom you date likely has a lot on her plate -- and much of it comes her way unexpectedly. Par for the course.) What that means for you is that she'll understand if you're running late for a dinner date because of a deadline at work. Failed dinner plans are nothing to us." If you want a woman who gets things done, look no further than a single mom, says writer Jennifer Ball.They've got kids to worry about so they're not just going to let any Tom, Dick or Harry from Tinder walk through the door.If she's chosen you, you must be pretty special, says Ball.Christian Cupid is a Christian dating site helping Christian men and women find friends, love and long-term relationships.Browse our personals to meet new and interesting people devoted to being Christian.

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"From firsthand experience, I can tell you that we can't wait to dress up and feel sexy," said Strada.They chase careers, build businesses, and transfer to new locations on a whim.