Dating a palestinian man

25-Jul-2017 19:25

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(1) (2) (3) (4) Hi everyone, Just thought I should get your view on this topic.

They don;t even have high regards for white women either.Everyone can fall in love with anyone, love do't go by ethnicity.dont worry about it in America it was taboo for a black person to sit in the front of the bus back in the 19th and 20th ceturies.the earlier you look for your own people to date the better for you but if you like believe in this free world, free mind mentality of the westerners, after you've got your finger burnt you'll only have yourself to blame. Errrm jenny, the arab guy will happily date u for the next ten yrs, but as for marriage - I doubt it, cos even in their places of origin pple who have darker skin are seen as lesser than them.

Anyway you might be light-skinned; however u r still non-muslim, non-arab. I have seen several Lebanese men married to black women in my church. Just enjoy ur relationship and don't let people feed you with different ideas that will make you want to spoil what you have.

Am a marketing executive in an energy company and meet a lot of peole including foreigners due to the nature Of my job. Also, as you stated earlier he loves you and you love him, so why care about what other think?