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16-Jul-2017 04:32

Late last month the Web buzzed about their blog, Dating a Banker Anonymous, which bills itself as a place for Wall Street women to vent about how the financial crisis has killed their love lives.

("If your monthly Bergdorf's allowance has been halved and bottle service has all but disappeared from your life," this is your site, the homepage cheers.) Populist outrage followed the publication of a credulous profile in the New York Times, and was furthered with the news last week that the DABA girls have signed with big name agencies in Hollywood and New York publishing--United Talent and Janklow Nesbit, respectively.

One study showed ‘dating a feminist’ is now a turn on and findings revealed that Feminism improves romance and the quality of relationships.

Men of feminist partners reported more stable relationships and greater sexual satisfaction. This is an informal poll and we’d like to hear from you. Does it make you feel emasculated or empowered to be with a strong, successful woman?

Crowell was recently canned by her employer, the online fashion channel Style Caster, because DABA had become too much of a distraction.

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In the past, women were attracted to men who could protect and provide and men were attracted to beautiful fertile, nurturing women.No, not really, as Newsweek found out in a recent interview.In response to inquiries by Newsweek, the Times plans to issue an Editor's Note, indicating that it was misled about the nature of DABA, and should not have referred to it as a support group.Men were reportedly more focused on work and women upon relationships.

But here are some factoids that support the idea that these gender roles are changing: Men may be realizing that they are more than a wallet and they can be fulfilled in life and relationships by more than having a paycheck and window office.

This has, of course, renewed rumors of a book, a movie and maybe even a TV series based on the blog.