Chrome not updating

06-Jan-2018 05:45

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About Google Chrome , I get the "Updating Google Chrome" message for a moment then "Update failed (error: 12)".

Following Google's instructions for resolving this error produces no results. Alternatively, I also tried installing Chrome, configure the settings, auto update, etc.

I have a Windows 7 Home desktop and also a Windows 7 Professional laptop. I used to have Opera, but uninstalled it on both computers. Here is proof from my AV program which checks for available updates: In addition, Adobe itself is sending me messages on both computer that it needs to install a PPAPI update!

I checked Chorme, but it said it was already updated on the Flash page: really not updated!

I've ran both of the scripts mentioned here - the first doesn't change anything and hjuutilainen's makes the errors go away, but now chrome reports as being up to date but it isn't. Anybody found anything like Joe Farage's Firefox

(My package is a few months old so is installing version 45). Testing on 10.11.5 currently, so it's not the v50 OS requirements. LOVE that - no packaging, always get the latest version.

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Adobe Flash Installer is a restricted software item - kill, delete, message "Flash Player is a security and performance risk.

:) @mbezzo We ran into this issue, but only when for when we initially packaged Chrome and User preferences into a DMG and set the file to Fill User Templates.

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