Chloe michael dating

19-Jan-2018 20:46

While on their journey, Philip arranges to have Brady arrested in an effort to destroy Brady and Chloe's friendship, and after seeing the truth about Philip, Chloe tells him it's over forever.Brady and Chloe slowly begin moving toward Romance as Chloe continues to look for her biological father.Mimi and her family (her mother, father, and brother).

Mary's for a paternity test) Chloe Jonas (married name when married to Daniel) Chloe Horton (married name when married to Lucas) Chloe Black (married name when married to Brady) Ghoul Girl (nickname she was taunted with in high school) Former Music teacher Former Opera singer in Chicago Former prostitute Former music teacher Former head of the volunteers at Salem U Hospital Former host of Kate's Hearth and Home talk show Former opera singer in Europe Chicago (September 2013 to present) Formerly a mental health treatment facility (temporarily) Formerly Daniel's appartment- Apt 32, 110 Guilford Street Salem, USA (temporarily) Formerly the Kiriakis Mansion Formerly somewhere in Chicago Formerly the Salem Hotel Formerly the Kiriakis Mansion Formerly an apartment in Salem Formerly Daniel's apartment- Apt 32, 110 Guilford Street Salem, USA Formerly at Lucas's house Formerly at the Horton cabin Formerly at the Salem Inn Formerly in Vienna, Austria Formerly at the Craig house in Salem Numerous unnamed Johns while working as a prostitute Randy (client, while working as a prostitute) Quinn Hudson (lovers) Daniel Jonas (lovers; engaged) Lucas Roberts Horton (lovers; engaged) Brady Black (married) Philip Kiriakis (lovers) Threw a dead rat in Jan's face and caressed her with it Faked her death when she became horrifically scarred after a botched surgery Provided false testimony to the police in the John Black Di Mera fire case (she gave Lucas's testimony as if it was her own) (June 2008) Committed adultery with Daniel Jonas while married to Lucas Horton (September 2009) Forced into prostitution and drugged a John (June 2011) Prostitute (July 2011) Conspired with Anne to have Daniel find the number for Child Protective Services on Jennifer's desk (February 2013) Bought substance with attempt to drug Jennifer (February 2012) Custodial interfernce - Ordered her mother to take Parker to Brazil and away from Daniel (April 2013) Blackmailed Jennifer to break up with Daniel by threatinng to keep Parker out of the country (April 2013) Chloe was raised in numerous foster homes throughout her life, always told that her parents had died in a car accident. Rush, the director of the home where she was staying, introduced her to Nancy (she had called Nancy, asking her what the heck she should do about Chloe).Later, when she found out Philip called off a date with her, she vowed revenge (not realizing that he was working hard to get his mother and father back together).