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Peterborough City Hospital's general manager apologised for the blunder, saying that any comments made during Lucy's scan were intended to reassure her but that it was inappropriate that the sonographer suggested her baby was 'lazy' The letter from the general manager also apologised for this and said: ‘I apologise that you were made to feel that you were paranoid; this is unacceptable and the members of staff that you refer to in your letter have been seen …and their attitude and behaviour addressed.’The letter went on : ‘Any comments made during the scan would have had the intention of reassurance.A story of new loves, old battles, and a threat that gives a whole new meaning to the term sibling rivalry.

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National and local fraternity leaders later apologized.

Year after year, Adam, Eliza, Eve, and Carl eagerly await their reunion at Wild Dunes, a condominium complex at the island’s tip end, where they grow closer with each passing day, building a friendship that will withstand financial catastrophe, family tragedy, and devastating heartbreak.

The devotion and love they share will help them weather the vagaries of time and enrich their lives as circumstances change, their children grow up and leave home, and their twilight years approach.

It was inappropriate that the sonographer suggested your baby was "lazy".

This has been addressed with her.’Chris Wilkinson, director of care quality and chief nurse at Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, said: 'Firstly, the Trust would like to offer our most sincere condolences to the Copland family at this sad time.Nantucket is only two and a half hours away from Martha’s Vineyard by ferry.

If she isn’t willing to slow things down, then it might be better to end the relationship before her fantasies of future marital bliss become so entrenched that you risk real heartbreak if the relationship doesn’t work out.… continue reading »

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He contributed to their 2000 hit "Butterfly", which reached number one in several countries.… continue reading »

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I survived.” ― Jayne Higgins, tags: bastard, bestie, betrayal, broken-hearted, catfish, date, depressed, drained, emotional-wreck, friends, funny, gone, handsome, happy-ending, healed, healing, heartbreak, hilarious, hold-hands, hysterical, i-am-woman, international-women-s-day, laughter, love, love-story, mrs, my-world-is-upside-down, online-dating, pain, rollercoaster-of-emotions, scam, sisterhood, sisters, strong-women, support-each-other, tears, unputdownable, women, women-everywhere, wreck “You see that girl, she looks so happy right? But she doesn't want to look dramatic, weak or attention seeking so she keeps it all inside.… continue reading »

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Female infidelity, however, has a far lower profile and, in popular culture at least, tends to have terrifying consequences.… continue reading »

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